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You are bored with the web and want something fun to do❓ Check out the largest index of useless ✅, pointless ✅ and weird ✅ websites and get a random website each click.

15,588,537 useless websites served so far.

What is The Useless Web Index all about?

The Useless Web Index

There are countless sites on the Web that serve some kind of purpose: They serve important information, they try to boost the productivity of a company, they sell toys for children and adults, etc.
But what about those sites that seem to have absolutely no point or any useful capability? Nevertheless, we visit these websites, although they are totally useless, crazy, weird or pointless. We are apparently magically attracted to The Useless Web. Maybe we can not resist their siren call?

Therefore we are building the biggest list of useless websites and called it The Useless Web Index. You no longer need to search on Google, Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms for a useless website, if you want to kill your time again. Or maybe you just need a 10-minute break from work.

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Random Useless Website

Start your journey through the world's most useless sites you've ever seen, and be impressed by how useless the Web can be. Push the button "Take me to another Useless Website" at the top and let us take you to a random useless website. Get 100's of the most interesting websites to kill your boredom.

Most Useless Websites

Every week we get a lot of new suggestions for our list and it is getting bigger and bigger every day. To celebrate the most useless websites, we select a new website every week and give a short summary. Here's an overview of the most useless websites in recent years.

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