Astro Alpaca - Most Useless Website 08/2019

Astro Alpaca - Most Useless Website of the week 08 in 2019

published: February 25, 2019
Astro Alpaca is the Most Useless Website of the week 08 in 2019. Astro Alpaca is a hilariously addicting game where your goal is to eat as much space lettuce as possible while avoiding the deadly cosmic debris. Compete for the high score and challenge your friends on Kik. By the authors of Don't Step, Don't Tap, Flappy Bird Lives, Undead Escape, Stickman Jump, Toilet Swipe, TP Tycoon, Make it Rain, Ninja Flips, Ninja Rises, Play Threes, and Karate Crush

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Astro Alpaca

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