Will Robots Take My Job? 🤖 - Most Useless Website 25/2017

Will Robots Take My Job? - Most Useless Website of the week 25/2017

published: June 26, 2017
Will Robots Take My Job? is the Most Useless Website of the week 25 in 2017. This website provides an answer...that you probably won't like.
We all know about robots: Robots have taken jobs. Robots are taking jobs. Robots will take jobs.
Using a 2013 report from the University of Oxford, the website provides an estimate of how much any particular job is at risk of disappearing due to "computerisation.". The website author's note on the site: "We extracted the jobs and the probability of automation from the report and have made it easy to search for your job. We’ve added some additional information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to provide some additional information about the jobs."
Just type in a job and the website provides a particular series of employment types. Click on one and get ready for bad news.

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Will Robots Take My Job? 🤖

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