52 Most Useless Websites in 2017

If you are bored at work, you will definitely need a break. For this reason we have created a fun list of some useless, pointless and weird websites that will leave you with pain in stomach. So stop wasting your time on facebook or twitter with refreshing the page because it is all same every day.

Enjoy the following list of the most useless websites in 2017 and share it with your friends. Attention: Some of these useless websites are pretty awful but still funny.

  • 52/2017 - Revenge by Mail

    Ship your enemies embarrassing, anonymous postcards. Choose from a variety of cringe-inducing prank postcards to set someone up for an awkward situation... read more

  • 51/2017 - Hold The Button

    How long can you Hold The Button? Try it and hold the button as long as you can and be better than all the other players. Just touch the button and hold.. read more

  • 50/2017 - Christmas Countdown

    Find out how many days left until Christmas and get your presents in time bevor it is to late. Buy the right gift for your familie bevor xmas is over... read more

  • 49/2017 - Am I Drunk Yet

    This is the fastest way to get drunk, without getting wasted. Fill in the form and see if you can have more drinks or check if you are able to drive any... read more

  • 48/2017 - Troll Timer

    Prank your friends and coworkers without getting caught. Simply turn on the sound - Pick a sound - Set the timer - Flee the scene - Have a lot of fun to... read more

  • 47/2017 - Screaming Goat Piano

    You have played the B. Meowsic Keyboard or the B. Woofer Hound Dog Guitar? Guess what...the Screaming Goat Piano has arrived. It has never been easiere... read more

  • 46/2017 - Moan My IP Address

    Try the sexiest way to find out your IP address. This unique site is dedicated to all of the technical people that make this world so Great...Enjoy and... read more

  • 45/2017 - Ducks Are The Best

    This website is another glorious useless web project. Let your mouse cursor turn into a duck painting cursor. Stop reading and enjoy the ducks by saying.. read more

  • 44/2017 - Nyan Cat

    Nyan Cat is the name of a YouTube video, which became a famous Internet meme. See a cat flying through space, and leaving a rainbow trail behind it for... read more

  • 43/2017 - Radiology Art: x-ray art

    See dozens images of everyday objects, captured using a CT scanner, reveal the beauty of the ordinary. Take a radiographic look inside common toys, food.. read more

  • 42/2017 - High Five Bros

    Get a High Five every time you need one. With this awesome online high five machine you can get high fives 24/7. Or send a high five to one of your friends read more

  • 41/2017 - Sleeveface

    This website is an internet phenomenon wherein one or more persons obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with record sleeve(s) causing... read more

  • 40/2017 - Purrli the Online Cat Purr Generator

    This website recreates the sound and the presence of a cat, online. It is soothing, free, and it is perfect to calm you down when you are feeling stressed read more

  • 39/2017 - OMG Facts

    Read some of the most interesting facts online as voted by their site audience include topics in history, science, politics or sex. All facts are ... read more

  • 38/2017 - Damn You Auto Correct

    Be surprised to discover what kinds of words accidentally pops up when we really mean something else that come with auto correct on your mobile device ... read more

  • 37/2017 - Drinkify

    Drinking and listening to music go together like...drinking and listening to music. Get a cocktail based on the music you are currently listening to and... read more

  • 36/2017 - Depressing Fridge Poems

    You do not need more run-of-the-mill positive sayings? How about checking out some Depressing Fridge Poems at this website that uses fridge magnets to ... read more

  • 35/2017 - What Should I Read Next

    Find your next book to read by searching books at WhatShouldIReadNext that you have previously enjoyed by title or author. The website will list possible.. read more

  • 34/2017 - People of Walmart

    People of Walmart is a humor blog that depicts the many customers of Walmart stores across the United States and Canada. Through funny photos and videos... read more

  • 33/2017 - Kuku Klok

    Get the best online alarm clock you have ever used and ever will use. Designed to wake you up in 6 different layouts and sounds. Simple and beautiful... read more

  • 32/2017 - PunME

    This useless website is a constant stream of funny puns and one liners presented in a colorful visual carousel. Get 100s of puns from different categories read more

  • 31/2017 - Convert Gifs to Flipbooks

    If you are old enough or young enough, you may remember the time of GIFs. Now you have the chance to convert animated GIFs to printable flipbooks and ... read more

  • 30/2017 - Human For Sale

    Have you been thinking about putting yourself up for sale lately but you do not know how much you are worth? will attempt to place a... read more

  • 29/2017 - How Long to Read

    You want to find out how long it takes to read a certain book because your time is precious and limited? How long to read is the perfect website to find... read more

  • 28/2017 - Push Trump Off A Cliff Again

    Take out your frustrations with President Donald Trump by pushing him off a virtual cliff, or into a virtual volcano and make America great again. read more

  • 27/2017 - The Amazing FishCam

    A live camera filming a saltwater aquarium. The Fishcam was the second live camera on the World Wide Web and is the oldest camera site still in existence. read more

  • 26/2017 - Future Me

    Write a letter to your future self and read the public (but anonymous) letters from others. What will you say to your future self? Write your letter to... read more

  • 25/2017 - Will Robots Take My Job?

    About 47 percent of total US employment is at risk. Find out how susceptible is your job to computerization. Enter your job or show a random example of... read more

  • 24/2017 - This Is Not Porn

    Photos showing celebrities in a way that you are not used to see them. See Carrie Fisher practicing her shooting skills for her role as Princess Leia or... read more

  • 23/2017 - Virtual Fidget Spinner

    You have seen them on the streets, at your school or in your office? Fidget Spinner are everywhere but you do not have enough money? Get your the virtual... read more

  • 22/2017 - The Coding Love

    Looking for a quick programming humour pick-me-up? thecodinglove has 100s of epic gifs for developers and it experts. You will be checking it out every... read more

  • 21/2017 - Fake Windows Update

    Prank your friends, family and colleagues with this fake windows update screens. Choose between Windows 98, Windows 10 or other Windows version and see... read more

  • 20/2017 - Watching Grass Grow

    Watching Grass Grow is more exciting than you might think. If you have to much time and do not know what to do start watch Grass growing and enjoy the... read more

  • 19/2017 - Watch Bacon Sizzling

    There is nothing like some smooth bacon sizzling sound in the morning. If you think Bacon makes everything better and you want to relax with the sound... read more

  • 18/2017 - How to spell Definitely

    Definitely is a very hard word for some people to spell. Maybe you do not know how to spell it too. See how people spell definitely definitely wrong ... read more

  • 17/2017 - Space Probe

    Get current information on space probes like Voyager 1, New Horizons or Curiosity that does not orbit the Earth, but, instead, explores further into ... read more

  • 16/2017 - Steep it

    You are not sure how long to steep your tea to be perfect? Try the simplest internet tea steep timer and brew the best Black, Green or Rooibos Tea in... read more

  • 15/2017 - Slap Captain Kirk

    Force Captain Kirk to relive a memorable Star Trek scene over and over again. Make Captain James T. Kirk slap the shit out of himself and see how many... read more

  • 14/2017 - Scanwiches

    Food porn at its finest. See spectacular scans of sandwiches, sliced crosswire to reveal their mouthwatering innards. Check out the most useless ... read more

  • 13/2017 - Flip a Coin

    Are you terrible at making decisions? If you cannot decide between to nearly identical things, just flip a coin. Try this awesome... read more

  • 12/2017 - Dog GIF Page

    Visit the most friendly community of dog GIF lovers. See the best selection of dog gifs ever and never... read more

  • 11/2017 - Tiii Me

    Calculate your total time spent watching TV shows like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones or other TV shows. How much time did you... read more

  • 10/2017 - Whats My Starbucks Name

    You want to know how badly your barista will misspell your name? Enter your name into the generator and see what name will appear on... read more

  • 09/2017 - Kim Jong-Il looking at things

    The dear leader Kim Jong-Il liked to look at things. Enter this useless website to see him looking at corn, red buckets, bubble gum or huge... read more

  • 08/2017 - Pokedraw

    Think you can draw a Pokémon? Press “Lets Draw” and draw a random Pokémon in max. 45 seconds. Try it out, see how good your artistic talent is and share... read more

  • 07/2017 - Bullshit Generator

    Let Google Suggest make its work by creating suggestions of its own suggestions based on the suggestions suggested to your query. Understood No? Try it... read more

  • 06/2017 - Juncos Pub

    Visit the tiniest pub in St. John's, Newfoundland. The most frequent customers were birds. You have read correctly...BIRDS. watch some photos or videos... read more

  • 05/2017 - Cash Cats

    You love cats and cash? This page links them together. View hundreds of photos of rich cats posing with firearms, necklaces and of course a lot of dollars. read more

  • 04/2017 - Random Things To Do

    Stop being bored and get distracted by a random weird task from this unique website. For example: Turn on the TV, mute it, and make up your own dialouge... read more

  • 03/2017 - Cornify

    This website is the #1 unicorn and rainbow service worldwide, spreading sparkly happiness around the world. Cornify your photos, be creative and color... read more

  • 02/2017 - PoPoPopcorn

    You love Popcorn? Watch corn turn into popcorn for hours 24/7 alling out of the popcorn machine on this useless website. You will not regret visiting it... read more

  • 01/2017 - Click Click Click

List of the Most Useless Websites.